Yoko N. Barraca, Ph.D.

Yoko N. Barraca, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY28865

Dr. Barraca is a licensed psychologist who is compassionate and caring. She understands the complexity of human nature-how each person is impacted by one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and cultural aspects of self-and how important it is to address the whole personhood and surrounding environment in therapy. She will work with you to articulate your treatment goals and provide the tools to achieve these goals, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness exercises, art therapy, and insight-oriented therapy. To fully understand what might be at stake and to offer best treatment recommendations, Dr. Barraca also administers psychological assessments. Dr. Barraca has experiences in working with clients from all across life span, but she is particularly empathetic towards parents with toddlers and understands the joy, exhaustion, and all the daily challenges they face. Whether you want to treat your debilitating mental health issues, need a relief from your screaming child, or just want to talk, Dr. Barraca would be there to walk the journey with you. She will provide a safe place for you to heal, hope, and be restored.

Office Hours

Tuesday-Friday 11am to 5pm

Contact Information

Voicemail: 831-647-8490
E-mail: YBarraca@wellspringbranches.com