Group Therapy and Education

Group Therapy and Education

Group therapy and education is an adjunct program which will augment and strengthen individual and family therapies.

Current Groups:

20 Concepts Book Study- Hosted by Kristina Ferguson

11 Week Tools for Anxiety and Developing an Inner Calm- Hosted by Justin Baker



We are Living in Extraordinary Times and We Need Extraordinary Tools to Cope. Based on the Most Recent Brain Science it is Known That We Can Rewire the Brain to Gain “Lasting Recovery” from Addictions, Childhood Trauma and Attachment Conflicts.

Kristina Ferguson, LMFT will be hosting a book study of Knowing How by Julie Valenti, focusing on the 20 concepts to rewire the brain. Now, more than ever, we need to use intelligent thought to deal with the emotional triggers that we are all experiencing! 

For more information or to register please contact our main office at 831-647-8490

Click Here to purchase a copy of the book.


participants will be introduced to a variety of ways to regulate their nervous system and will walk away having not only learned but practiced each tool.

It is important to learn what works for you and when and to have support and feedback on ways to modify tools prior to needing them.

Nervous system regulation is not a one and done practice, it is something to practice always in order to keep us connected to life and reality and to be resources to be your best self .

People often try one tool and decide it isn’t for me, not realizing there are a variety of ways and sometimes we will be required to use multiple tools at once. It is better to know and use them than to wish you would have learned them.