About the Founder

About the Founder


Dr. Linnea Terranova is a clinical psychologist specializing in individual and family therapies. She owns a group-private practice in Monterey, California. Equality focused, she has more than 14 years experience as a clinical psychologist and 10 years experience doing out-reach and community work with low income families of Monterey and the Salinas Valley.

A graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies, her practice is tailored for helping families and individuals with a broad spectrum of issues. Wellspring Psychological Services initially was developed as Dr. Terranova recognized the need for more options outreaching the under-served clients within the community. With a passion for service, Dr. Terranova centered the group practice around individual needs. The growing number of staff members helped to expand the wide range of services across all ages.

In light of her passion for healing, Dr. Terranova’s mission is to provide outstanding, collaborative care, custom-fit to each individual need. She is keenly focused on the issues of adolescent and teen treatment, anxiety, and trauma therapy. Furthermore, she is an avid artist, writer, and yogi. She has developed a technique, Story Art Therapy, used as an alternative healing method that incorporates art work, story telling, and writing appropriate for all ages. Moreover, she fuses yoga and movement into clinical work when appropriate. In addition, the use of sand tray therapy is a growing feature of Dr. Terranova’s practice which allows symbolic and unconscience experiences to emerge. All these treatments offer ways to untether from our struggles and release into a freer, more contented human being.

While engaging as a prominent therapist, Dr. Terranova has presented at community conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of immigration and mental health. Additionally, she provides presentations for physicians and nurses, covering topics such as brief trauma treatment, mood disorders, suicide prevention, communication skills building, compassion fatigue, and interpersonal boundaries in the work place. She is the primary supervisor and educator to staff within the practice.

Dr. Terranova is dedicated to the personal needs of the Monterey Bay area and invites you to visit with a staff member to learn about Wellspring Psychological Services.