Alexandra Mathews, Psy.D.

Alexandra Mathews, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, License #17845

Dr. Mathews offers psychotherapy services for adult individuals, couples and families. With more than 24 years of practice, her specialties include providing guidance with issues of mid-life changes, issues of aging in the later years, facing the ongoing challenge of loss and changes in health such as a chronic illness or chronic pain, including the task of making end-of-life decisions. Dr. Mathews feels deeply inspired to assist and empower her patients to manage stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and self-defeating patterns, building on your own innate strengths and pace. She is able to provide a mix of solution-focused and mindfulness strategies as well as other more long-term types of therapy including the use of journaling and art as part of the process to assist each person as s/he works toward various goals. Dr. Mathews values clear communication at the outset of treatment about the client’s vision of their own wellness and challenges so that we can feel confident both the clinician and client are “on the same page.” Her style might best be described as supportive, collaborative and patient-centered. She finds great joy in creating a physical and emotional space where one can gently examine where one is along life’s path. Sometimes we have gradually lost contact with our true selves in the process of raising our children or parental caregiving. As we experience the normal stresses of our lives, we’ve had to wall off important feelings or grief about something lying deeply within ourselves. This can create a disconnection from our instincts and our bodies that may cause illness or depression or both. Dr. Mathews wants to assist each person to uncover or rediscover these elements and healthier aspects of yourself. She has a strong belief in the importance of connecting with adjunct forms of healing such as yoga, therapeutic bodywork, music, nutritional counseling and other alternative methods to facilitate health and wholeness. She thinks of entering psychotherapy as putting forth the intention to find balance. At this point in her facilitation of others’ wellness, she sees this as a unique process for each person, never the same as another she may work with. She wants each person to discover what will help them live a life where they can be more present. Life should resonate to who we are and sustain us in ways that allow us to have joy, self-compassion, connection to our inner spirits and better energy and quality of life.


Adults, Couples, and Families

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