Adult Individual Therapy

Adult Individual Therapy

Seeking professional, psychological help for emotional and mental health problems is an individual choice. Psychotherapy is an invitation of personal growth and empowerment. This form of therapy is not for everyone, and an openness to the process as well as a strong drive for personal change are key ingredients of therapeutic success.

Reasons for Referral

Some individuals come to receive psychotherapy to address complicated relationship patterns, emotional instability, or life transitions. Psychotherapy can be very effective for symptoms related to trauma, loss, depression, and anxiety. Therapy can also be helpful for less acute problems such as life planning, parent coaching and support, and the development of self-concept/self-esteem.

Finding the right psychotherapist is an important part of the therapeutic process. Developing trust and rapport with your therapist will help to determine how successful therapy will be. Discussion and development of these issues occurs in the first therapy session to help ensure an accurate, therapeutic fit.


Whether this is your first encounter with psychological services or you have extensive history working with mental health professionals, because you are new to this practice, therapy undoubtedly will be a unique experience. That is, each therapeutic encounter brings with it its own power and healing quality, and therefore, will be different with each clinician. If this is a first therapeutic experience, you may be hesitant to share personal history or life experiences that are sensitive and private. It is common for a person to feel a little anxious or unsure about seeking this type of help. We hope to create a safe and warm space where all of who you are is welcome. You might be surprised to know that what might feel unique, atypical, or even ‘wrong’ to you is common among many individuals. You are not alone.

If you have past negative experiences with mental health professionals, you may feel hesitant to seek help of this kind. Remember, although there are standards of care, individual personalities as well as treatments do vary. Finding a clinician that is the right fit is critical. We welcome discussion about past therapeutic experience and hope to create a new atmosphere of trust. Because each person has a unique set of experiences, individual treatment approaches and treatment plans will vary. Treatments that are common at Wellspring include:

  • Breathing and relaxation practices
  • Mindfulness and guided meditation
  • Visualization practices
  • Thought and feeling observation (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Grief support
  • Art and writing therapy
  • Solution oriented therapy / Family Systems therapy
  • Guided discussion and processing of past issues
  • Life coaching and vocational counseling
  • Renewal of life purpose and direction

We welcome discussion about treatment options and encourage feedback about your experience at any time.