Salem Kensik, Psy.D.

Salem Kensik, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, License #23341

Dr. Kensik is a licensed psychologist experienced in working with children, adolescents, and adults. Her work with clients creates an empathic environment that allows for a meaningful journey of self-discovery, and provides additional strength and support when clients are at their most vulnerable. There’s so much we can tackle together. She works from a humanistic framework that incorporates psychodynamic features. Metaphor therapy, chair work, the use of art and multi-sensory modalities are also areas of inspiration and practice. However, it is the quality of the therapeutic relationship (that between client and their chosen psychologist) that Dr. Kensik views as essential to the therapy process. Inviting a psychologist into one’s life can be both invigorating and scary- yes, even at the same time! She values the opportunity to be brought into the lives of those with whom she works, and she is motivated to meet her clients where they are in their journey and support them as they pass through the inevitable obstacles of life. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Kensik offers a space free of judgment. A space to reflect on you, without the competing needs of the outside world. Come as you are. Peace. Balance. Meaning.


Children, adolescents, and adults

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Voicemail: (831) 298-7781