What We’re Reading in June

In this month’s “What We’re Reading” column, we highlight two thought-provoking books that delve into the themes of healing and interconnectedness. These works provide profound insights into the ways we can heal both ourselves and our communities.

Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma — and Our World by Thomas Hubl

Our Wellspring Book Study Group just finished reading and discussing Thomas Hubl’s “Attuned,” which is a compelling exploration of the power of interdependence in healing trauma. Hubl, a renowned spiritual teacher and mystic, argues that trauma is not just an individual experience but a collective one that affects our communities and the world at large. In “Attuned,” he presents practices and principles that encourage deep listening and presence, fostering a sense of connectedness and mutual support. By cultivating these qualities, Hubl believes we can not only heal our personal wounds but also contribute to the healing of societal traumas. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the profound impact of interdependence on our collective well-being.

What it Takes to Heal by Prentis Hemphill

In “What it Takes to Heal,” Prentis Hemphill, a noted therapist and activist, provides a heartfelt and insightful guide to personal and communal healing. Hemphill emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing the root causes of trauma, which often lie in systemic oppression and social injustice. Through a blend of personal narratives, practical exercises, and theoretical insights, Hemphill offers a roadmap for healing that is inclusive and transformative. The book encourages readers to engage in practices of self-care, community care, and radical compassion, highlighting the interconnected nature of our healing journeys. “What it Takes to Heal” is a profound reminder that our individual well-being is deeply tied to the health of our communities.

Both of these books offer invaluable perspectives on healing and the power of connection. Whether you’re seeking to heal personal trauma or contribute to the well-being of your community, these readings provide essential tools and insights for your journey.

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