Neurofeedback: A Supportive Adjunct Treatment

Want more options than talk therapy to help you along the healing journey? Neurofeedback could be an alternative.

What is Neurofeedback and who can benefit?

Neurofeedback is an EEG-based technology that supports optimal thinking, feeling, behavior, and cognitive performance. It can be a fantastic addition to individual and family therapy as the method has many sources of impact. For example, neurofeedback has been used to treat lethargy and slowness, and conversely, excessive energy, anger impulses, pressured speech, and ruminating thoughts. Neurofeedback can also assist with cognitive issues such as organization, memory, and judgment. Furthermore, there is growing evidence and support that neurofeedback can reduce the hindering symptoms of ADD/ADHD and impulsivity, sleep disturbance, and long-standing trauma-related symptoms.

How does it work?

Customized protocols from your brain’s EEG patterns show your brain and nervous system how they’re firing. Are your brain waves too fast, too slow, fluctuating or traumatized? This methodology, which began in the 1960’s when NASA began to launch astronauts into space, acts like a mirror.  EEG neurofeedback, using the Brain Paint technology, holds a “mirror” to your brain and nervous system, which then helps your brain decide if the speed of your neurological waves are optimally functioning. Neurofeedback helps the brain choose a ‘speed’ through the feedback process, which ultimately regulates your nervous system, potentially leading to an easier and more fulfilling day to day experience.

How can it help?

Neurofeedback’s job is to loosen the tight and tighten the loose brain waves and optimize your neurobiology. When effective,Neurofeedback allows you easier access to alpha and theta states, which are associated with peace, “aha’s”, trauma release, and even bliss. Conversely, it can help you access a sense of youthful cognition.

Wellness is multifaceted and there are many ways to access mental healing and growth. Along with psychotherapy, treatments such as neurofeedback can help us gain access to another level of recovery. If you are interested in receiving more information about Neurofeedback, please contact Dr. Jen Cosmos, Psy.D. at 408-898-6685.

Let us all find our unique ways to heal.

Jen Cosmas, Psy.D.
Neurofeedback &
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